What we do for Rescue and Adoptable Pets

How do we obtain our Pets


 We work with many sources throughout the U.S.A. Starting from families with accidental litters, unexpected life style changes, unwanted pets, strays, breed defects, shelters, surrenders, other rescue groups, and seized pets are only a small part of how we obtain our pets. If you or your organization needs help to find a permanent home for a pet then please contact us so we can connect you with one of our Pet Homing Partners. Working with each other as a team makes the difference.  

Puppies To Seniors


Our Pet Homing Partners and us at PCRI believe every pet deserves a chance in life. Senior dogs much like puppies can be trained! We strive to help healthy and challenging pets. Some families are faced with choices they do not want to make if they have lifestyle changes or a pet has a health issue they can't afford. As part of our objective we want to prevent every pet of all ages from bouncing from home to home. It is our belief pets have feelings and are family. We have a zero tolerance policy for unnecessary euthanasia. There are many financial sources to assist with pet health needs. Consult with one of our Pet  Homing Partner locations for more information. 

Pet Homing Partners


We have connected with several Pet Homing Partners throughout the U.S.A to help us with Rescue and Adoptable Pets. All pets in need of a home are transported by outside sources to the pets temporary or permanent home.

Our Pet Homing Partners find forever homes for all pets! We respect, assist, and educate our Pet Homing Partners to ensure good health, proper housing, pet training, pet nutrition, changing bad pet habits into good ones, safety and so much more. 

From Puppies to Seniors, no pet is left behind.